What clients say about working with Sherri:

If you are willing to look at your whole self to be healthy then Sherri is the right person for you. No single answer here. She looks at the whole person. And what is your responsibility in being whole and healthy.

Her finally tuned intuition and years of training helped me know that I can be in tip top health no matter my age or past health issues. Thank you Sherri for honing in on things going on with my body I never would have known without your help.


I just want to say thank you again omg I feel so much better. I am astounded!

Ellaine P.
I'm really thrilled how this has worked out. Sherri is very informative. There are lots of light bulbs going off in my head.

For years, I've been told that if anyone should have succeeded in life, it was me! I don't say that arrogantly. I was blessed to have been given a lot of gifts, and I've worked my tail off my entire life--only to stay afloat, never to thrive. Granted, I've had a lot of obstacles in life (an abusive marriage for starters), but despite my determination and work ethic, I've never been able to fully "bloom" like I've always desired. After years of such floundering and not flowering, I decided to try something different (as the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). I decided to try coaching with Sherri Stockman with LiveWell Consulting.

What I desired to get out of my coaching sessions with Sherri was to get "unstuck" and to finally thrive in life like I've always wanted to--in spite of my difficult circumstances. Working with Sherri, who is very caring and intuitive, was just what I needed to achieve that "unstuckness." Through my work with her, I learned that I don't have to settle, that I am the driver of my ship (so to speak), and that I am worthy of success.

The work was easier than I imagined, as Sherri was always ready to jump in with guidance when needed. And even though our sessions were limited, they helped me tremendously, and I still carry Sherri around with me in my head as I continue to forge toward my goals. One example of my success as a result of my work with Sherri came in regard to the sale of my home that wasn't selling. Sherri had me visualize the family that would buy my house and essentially imagine the home selling and the family being blessed by it. My buyers materialized shortly after that (as in the next day)!

I would definitely recommend working with Sherri--but only if you truly want to succeed! (For years, I had a fear of failure, but I also had a fear of success.) Sherri will help you succeed in attaining whatever it is you are after--be it in regard to health, finances, a clearer mental or spiritual state, or whatever area you are looking to thrive in.

Sherri, you are a gift to the rest of us. Thank you for your positive attitude and pioneering spirit in helping others, including me.

Sherri is so knowledgeable about the body and spirituality and psychology and has kept us healthy for years.

We are blessed to have her on our Wellness Team.

Ginger H
I really enjoyed working with Sherri. What she said and how she went about with the energy healing work felt better to me after each session. I had specifically ask for help with a sore shoulder and by the 3rd session my shoulder went from about a 7 to about a 1.

I also wanted help with sleep issues and that improved on day one. I can’t wait to work with Sherri again!

Debby Gibson

Sherri’s intuitive work helped me to identify and release beliefs about myself that were holding me back. I am so grateful for my time with her and the truly positive affect it has had on my life.

My previous awareness of Sherri Stockman's robust intellect and professionalism made deciding to participate in her vitality healing process an easy decision. After hearing Sherri describe her healing process at a church gathering, I became her very avid participant for the next nine months.

An austere life (strict father; Naval Academy; Marine Corps; corporate America) created my life-long inclination to follow the rules...and always color inside the lines. Only in recent years have I begun to focus on discovering my authentic self.

Sherri's healing process helped me overcome subconscious emotional blockages that distracted from my authenticity. By the end of our final session, I had become more grounded in my authentic self...with a very strong sense of confidence in who I am.

Chuck Voith
Wimberley, TX
Sherri has been my healing guide for over a year.  She is intuitive, knowledgeable, experienced, gifted and wise.  

Under her guidance, I have been able to release long buried emotions and beliefs that have been manifesting physically in ways I can no longer ignore, blocking me from being the whole and complete person I am here to be.

She is amazing!

Molly Steel
I wanted to sing praises of the results of the work I did with Sherri Stockman on the phone with her system. She is amazing. I am impressed with the actual physical changes that have improved with my health. I was sick with a nasty bacterial infection that was quickly gone. And I AM grateful.

She does work on other topics of interest or concern as well. She is quite perceptive and very fast, so you can cover a lot of ground quickly. If you are open to having a new experience give Sherri a call to schedule an appointment. Her skills are well developed, and she is remarkable.

I came to Sherri because I needed to change how I was feeling.

I was in what I would call a "dark place" and I didn't know why. Sometimes I refer to the feeling as a loop. Sometimes the loops are short, this time the loop was long and I couldn't get out of it.

Sherri has a way of working with you that doesn't dig up unwanted feelings like traditional therapy. I do traditional therapy as well, I believe in it, but this was a way to get back on track fast. It's adaptable and
Sherri is easy to talk to. The results are pretty amazing. We were able to remove some mental blockages and physical blockages that were causing me to feel weighted down and stuck. Each time I work with Sherri we address a different issue and we work to find a way to resolve what is bothering me.

It's great for many reasons and the biggest one is that it's easy. By easy I mean that I don't have to leave home, I don't have to spend 3-4 sessions just finding a place to start. The work begins immediately and the results are immediate.

The knowledge I've gained through our sessions has helped me beyond our sessions. It's like learning about my mind and body while healing my mind and body. After each session, Sherri emails an overview of the session which comes in very handy for reference.

I have recommended many close friends to Sherri because I believe in the work and the results are there.

J. F. Smith
I wanted help from Sherri because I was having stomach difficulties which were happening at night and had a strong emotional component. (Woke up with nausea and anxiety, and usually missed 3 hours of sleep.)

I have worked with her before and know she's good at making her clients comfortable.

The results went far deeper than I expected. I was able to uncover a deep core belief that needed releasing and updating. This part of the work will be a guiding force for me from now on.

This help came to me at the perfect time and really helped me to move some very stuck energy. The results are still coming in – which has been the hallmark of all the highest healing I have received. I am very grateful to Spirit and to Sherri.

I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is having physical or emotional issues.


I think the work we've done together in the last few weeks has helped me more than anything in a long time.

When we began the work we've done together, I had planned to close my business down because it was taking too much of my energy. A couple weeks in I realized what I really wanted was to re-structure it instead. Now with your help, I'm feeling better physically and I have more time with my family.

Donna Krumblis
Wimberley, Texas

Sherri, I am completely and totally satisfied with the effort and results from our telephone conference. I have recommended your sessions to several people. I would not change a thing in your process, it was informative, fascinating, and helped me tremendously.

Wimberley, TX
Sherri is amazing! I feel like a new person.

I gladly recommend her!

Stacy Mitchell

I've had healing work done all over the world, but Sherri is the only one who lifts me up!

Jeannie R
I TOTALLY enjoyed our session yesterday Sherri!!

My goodness. Your work is amazing. I’m impressed how you pushed on until there were no more issues in my body or energy field to be dealt with at that time.

You are quick, thorough, thoughtful and intuitive. It is nice to have the science component backing you, coupled with the charts and guides and intuition that you receive, while working with the sub-conscious. Fascinating.

We released a bunch of stuff. Old stuff. Identifiable stuff. Whodathunk???

My body feels lighter today and while the energetic shift has been subtle, I have a feeling it will be freed up more and more each day. I am in deep gratitude for the help, and for doing the work you do.

Thanks for your good help, dear one.

In appreciation,
S Eason

I have no idea how to concisely and clearly put into words the deeply solid unhindered path into my heart's joy that you provide.

It is the weaving that you do with me in that heart joy space - that's the best way I know how to say it. The experience seemingly out of nowhere under some heavy duty intensities that even I was unaware of that my soul was being called upon via My Creator to answer the call He had sent out.

You are that strong in your connection. Your integrity revealed herself as well worth more than your weight in gold.

It’s only been a few days but my life is totally different. Everything was totally hopeless. I was ready to divorce my husband.

My head is in a different place now. Maybe divorce isn’t the answer. I can’t change him but I can change me.

Penny C
Sherri has helped my family members and me through some very challenging times.

She's a gifted healer.
I definitely trust what she has to say.

My doctor fired me because I didn’t want to do chemo again. He said I should get my life insurance and will in order, because I only had between 3 to 6 months left.

Driving home one day from a job, I passed through a little town and saw a health food store and decided to stop. I told Sherri my story, and she said she’d work with me.

I probably stopped in there at least once a week. Two years later, not only am I still here, I feel better than I did 20 years ago.

I’m back working full time over a year now, and even decided not to retire yet.

San Antonio, Texas
Wow! That was a very powerful session! It is wonderful to work with someone as skilled as you that gets into specific issues for specific problems. You are truly gifted at this and I am so thankful that I found you!

I will let you know how I sleep tonight.. I am excited to see what happens. I am also very grateful that you know about supplements; this helps me very much to be able to have someone else guide me as to what I should be taking because I am so sensitive!

This work is amazing! How quickly you can make change is really incredible!


No more dizzy spells!
I feel rejuvenated. We really hit it right.

Jeri B
Blanco, Texas
I feel so different and so much better. Like what was holding me back isn’t there anymore. Sherri, from my heart, I cannot thank you enough.

My Achilles tendonitis meant I haven’t been able to take the 5 mile daily walks that used to bring me such joy. My dogs missed the exercise, too, and I have been stuck wearing ugly shoes so I could walk across the room without horrible pain.

By the end of my very first session, the pain was totally gone in my right ankle, and a lot less in my left ankle. And I feel so different. I can’t tell you…

Pam C
Sherri, I’ve known for years that you are a wealth of health information! And that you are an Amazing Healer! So I don’t know why I should be surprised that after our session yesterday, my arthritic hip joint issue has so vastly improved.

A condition that so gradually occurred over the course of years, has begun to radically shift after just one session.

Throughout our session I felt such interesting sensations in my body and each time I mentioned the feelings you so easily explained what was likely happening…It was like you guided me on a magic carpet ride of my own body!

You really really have guided me to such an amazing unraveling of energy. It's cleared so much and I feel so much better.

When I laid down last night, I noticed it no longer hurt to lie on my back or left side.
What gifts come through you! Giving thanks, always.

Working with you is easy, pleasant, fun, and you're awesome. You keep it light, you keep it real, and I appreciate your energy.

This work you're doing is priceless.

Kathy L
After several days of elevated BP readings and the attendant fear, I had a pre-arranged (before the problem presented itself) introductory, telephone healing session with Sherri. The result was amazing, even miraculous in it’s immediate results.

Sherri cleared two emotional blockages in my energy system which were contributing to my elevated BP readings. An issue in my lungs had contributed to the heaviness in my chest and the BP readings. When It was cleared, I felt the heaviness lift from my chest. When she identified and cleared the erroneous emotional belief that I had inherited from my Father thru his Mother, I felt my entire energy field lighten and expand.

As I said to Sherri several times, “I feel like myself again. I’m not afraid because I feel back in charge of my own life and healing”.

She also shared a quick process that one can do on oneself that will lower the blood pressure for temporary relief until the problem can be resolved. It worked!

Gratitude, gratitude
Laura B
Wimberley, Texas
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